Night Time Moves

by Aisling Iris

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Greetings earthlings!

Let me start by saying a huge thank you to all who have helped to contribute to the making of this album.

A special thank you to, Norbert Riedl, Anna Boyle, Julian Fontenell, Mark Ayres, Ahmed Tageldeen, Joseph Junior, Spoonface, Chris Asamoah, Belinda Spear de Erney, Philip R Collins, Elaine Webster, Nicola Pettitt, Julian Huntly, Cecelia, Joe, and all at Pledge. (see website for full pledgers list)

My beloved family John, Rufina, Zac and Amy. Thanks for all your love and support.

Toby Blair for your unwavering support and help with this release. love you cuz.

Valerie Blair, Maureen Giroud, Gavin Blair, Scott Delman, Julian Fontenell, Warren Powell, Emrys Baird, Oroh Angiama, Eska, Princess Freesia, Simon Bartholomew, Tasoulla, DuchyP , Marta, Nassim, Sarah F, Heidi V.

Andrew Mclean, You were on fire even at 17 and never cease to amaze me with your incredible skills. I am blessed to call you a collaborator and even more blessed to call you a friend. Thank you.

Phil Craig, Thank you for your talents and good soul. You gave me space to express myself in my own unique way and I will always cherish that.

Drew Horley, Thank you for talent, good humour and pure heart. I deeply value your input on this album, your patience, professionalism, creativity and friendship

Thanks to all the musicians who played on this album and to all the DJ’s, promoters , musicians and good folk who have ever shown me love throughout the years.




released December 13, 2016

album credits

1 Lover man
2 The way i want
3 Night time moves
4 Living in the city
5 in the mood
6 L.O.V.E
7 Show me the way
8 Passing clouds
9 Who do you love
10 Nothings forever
11 Dreams
12 My mission (I want your love)
13 Leap of Faith (Gaia)

Drew Horley, Keyboard, programming and additional production on tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9 11,
engineering, mixing and mastering on all tracks at the Lab studios

Phil Craig production, drums and keyboard, piano, on tracks numbers 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10

Andrew Mclean all instruments, tracks 7, 8, 12, 13 Drums track 2

Additional personnel
Yelfris Valdes trumpet on tracks 7,8, Bodo Madeir trumpet track 7, Adriano Rosetti Bonnell saxophone track 7, Melanie Young flute track 1, 2 Jerry Vivino, saxophones and flutes track 3,
Dan Cox guitar track 6, Bob Parbrook guitar track 3, Samer Sharawi bass track 6, Matt Garrett. bass track 4, Byron Hosking’s guitar and bass track 5 Lester Osborne percussion track 2, 3,

all lyrics © Aisling Iris (Stephenson)

artwork by Elettra



all rights reserved


Aisling Iris London, UK

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Track Name: Loverman
Sailing through the galaxy
shining my laser beam
wonder where could you be
tried so hard to find you
diamond sparkle mystery
ancient history, looks brand new to me
yet space wont reveal you

Where are you? * 3

when you gonna show your face
Where are you in outer space
orbited the milky way
and still haven’t found you
shooting stars in flight
got me mystified
trying to navigate this ride
to touch down beside me

cold in this atmosphere
I can tell you want this near
so I gotta persevere
so close I can feel you
Picking up your energy
especially designed for me
esoteric destiny
bring you into my view

Repeat Chorus

Middle 8
Floating in zero gravity
hoping i might see a distant satellite
illuminate my night
moon, bathe me in your light
guide him to me tonight
Track Name: The way I want
The way I want

Chorus 1
No future man
No master plan
No high brow views
just what I choose

Chorus 2
Making music the way I want
Im gon do this the way I want
Making music the way I want
Im gon do this the way I want
yeah, yeah.
Cos I cant do what ten people think I should do no

No, I gotta do what I wanna do, Not what ten people think I should do

Repeat Chorus 2

I’m free finally dancing in the melody
sailing on a musical high
I’m gonna fly
(come with me) (come with me)
yeah, yeah come with me
through this groove, Hear me vocalise it
energise it, nice and smooth
nothing to prove so I got nothing to lose
(come with me)
nothing to lose yeah
come with me, come with me
yeah come with me

Chorus 1 and 2

And I wont do what ten people say I should do no

Chorus 2

I cant do what you want me to
Track Name: Night Time Moves
Night time moves 

I cant lay still here  
with you beside me, 
I'm too excited, 
when your around me
I touch your skin and
you feel so silky
under that hard shell 
you feel so smooth

night time moves * 3 your
Stop me from sleeping
Got me red eyed

you smell so nice and
you taste so lovely
all of my senses 
you bring to life 
i wanna love you til the sun rises 
taking my body to paradise


when you lying there beside me
i know that you wont deny me
feelings that money cant buy me
money cant buy

when i feel your hands upon me
touching like you really know me
all the precious things you show me
take me so high 

Repeat Chorus

in the moon light
Hold me so tight 
We get closer
Than ever Before 
Track Name: Living in The City
Mother well she couldn't keep it straight
always flying high before the evening
no father figure showing him the way
never had a proper education
17 running in the street
finger on his trigger for protection
dirty deeds cos he gotta eat
and sex and crack substitute for affection

Reward for riches
penalty for poverty
that's how its going down, (that's how the system goes)
living in the city

Baby mother trying to hold it down 
on the JSA and working two jobs
They could lock her up if it got round
technically they call it benefit fraud
then she meets a man who seems to care
shows her ways to earn some easy money
every day the whispers and the stares
well she's got to survive man it isn't funny

Repeat Chorus

the London eye can see from Croydon to Piccadilly
sharks, tramps and thieves walking the streets
if you have the pounds welcome to our London town 
got no clout best watch out 
we'll chew you up and spit you out
Track Name: In the Mood
Im in the mood

Sexy eyes you’re stirring my desire
teasing my flame
raising up my fire
got me so hot I start to perspire
Kiss me slowly
touch me gently
lay me down and stroke away my care
run your fingers slowly through my hair
I’ve got something nice I wanna share
right here for you, waiting for you

Im in the mood
I wanna make love
Im in the mood
wont you get in my groove

Little private show only for you
no one else will see the things we do
cocoa butter, shower just for two
steamy water, getting hotter
fingertips glide now you feel so smooth
ripples inside riding on your groove
time suspended locked inside my room
all this pleasure, here for you

Repeat Chorus

middle 8
with your sexy ways (you, turn me on)
I love the way you make me feel inside
I get so high, I get so high
(feels so right cant be long, wanna love all night long)
with your sexy ways (you, turn me on)
I love the way you make me feel inside
I get so high, I touch the sky
(take me to ecstasy, don’t you stop loving me)
Track Name: L.O.V.E
Make you do strange things
you’re buying diamond rings
problems it brings
do you need them
unconditional yearning in your soul
cos you think you know you can feel it

Everybody wants that L.O.V.E you know
thats right sell your soul, gonna take you high and low
Cant do without it, L.O.V.E oh no
where will this go, you just never know

Can make a fighter weak
and knock you off your feet
until your poor heart beats for them only
Your poor heart
make you change your plans
stop calling all your friends
and then the party ends
You’re lonely again
he gave her way too much
girl didn’t care enough
its all a game of bluff, its a puzzle
such a riddle yeah

Repeat Chorus

Middle 8
He said give it to me
give me that love, that love
that real nasty stuff
she said I’ll be all you need
Give you my love, my love
yeah I’ll give it to you, if you give to me

everybody wants that, (everybody wants that * 2)
cant do without it, where will this go.
You just never know
Track Name: Show Me the Way
I’ve known you such a long time
yet so much for us to realise
a billion stars twinkle in the sky
they don’t compare to your eyes

and you know we all are dreamers
floating in a world surreal
hard to tell whats fantasy sometimes
from what is real

So show me the way
if you really come in peace
take me to the place
where we’ll find release

So much I want to communicate
I'm so impatient I cant stand to wait
If you see me would you just run away
or would you be cool

A million hearts are feeling lonely
reaching out for understanding
Just one touch could take the pain away
come wont you lay

Repeat Chorus

This world could be a wonderland to explore
a rollercoaster in store
its up to us to open the door
let the journey begin
Track Name: Passing Clouds
Great confusion in your mind
darkening your every way
many obstacles you find
are sent to test you every day

I know you feel the strain
from that standing in the rain
you just got to keep the faith
the blue skies on the way

Passing clouds
your fears and doubts
will drift away
the storm will break

Chorus 2
clouds will pass
nothing lasts
the storm will break
keep the faith
and trust inside that
Track Name: Who Do You Love
cant get enough of that nasty stuff
got a jones in your bones
looking good to go so you
switch off your phone
get a cab to her home
she opens up the front door
nothing but a smile on
no time to waste
kiss on her face
whisper in her ear
hope you didn’t get her name wrong

Who do you love
Who can hear the secrets
that your lonely heart holds
who do you love
who can touch the deepness
hiding inside your soul

you’ve had your fun
now the deed is done
glancing at your wrist
as you’re making your excuses
she’s looking sad
and she’s feeling bad
wondering if she’s just made a big mistake
but you, tell her its cool and you’ll see her soon
when your next in town maybe you’ll see her around
but you know its a lie and you wonder why
you never ever seem to feel satisfied

Repeat chorus

your soul
only you know,
Love Love Love
what you really need
and I can feel
its what you really need and i see

so much for you to know honey
much for you to show, baby
much for you to care l
love can take you there oh
climb aboard this ride
gonna get you high
if you step inside
let your heart be your guide
only you know
Track Name: Nothing's Forever
I remember when I was a child
those summer days stretched on and on
Miles and miles
Miles and miles

I know,
nothings forever
somethings aren’t meant to last
everything changes
but this worlds moving too fast

Like the ocean tide does ebb and flow
cant hold it back where does it go
all the time
wave, goodbye

I know,
nothings forever
somethings aren’t meant to last
everything changes
but this world’s moving too fast

Changes, everything changes
but this world’s moving fast
Track Name: Dreams

its a very rocky road
gonna be some hard times for sure
its a sink or swim existence
so are you gonna build that boat
No ones gonna throw a life raft
working until your day is done
trying times so you gotta graft
Look on up can you see the sun

Can you make them real
tell me how you feel
when you touch that vibe
breathe them into life
can you lose your strife
you’ve got to decide

is the glass of life half empty
or does your cup overflow
Its all in your perspective
so meditate on that thought some more
Do you see the sun in its glory
Or are you sat predicting the storm
stuck inside your sad sob story
caterpillar time to transform


what you think becomes reality
powers in your hand
child of the universe
part of a master plan
so know your worth
your limitless
Existential being you are
made of stars
so shine like the diamond you are
Track Name: My Mission ( I want your love)
Chorus 1
My Mission is to get me in your system
til your addicted to me, 
Listen, need to heed my warning
I’ll get you, just you wait and see 

I got a bow and arrow 
aiming straight to your heart (repeat) 

Chorus 2
I want your love (repeat)
Come on come on, wont you give it to me
that thing that your hiding 
you can’t get away easily now boy
cos I will, find you love

and I need to feel you feel it too (feel it too)
yeah i need to know whats cool for you (for you)
Wanna show you all the things I’ll do
and I gotta make you see, 
whats gonna really look on you is me

I got a million tricks to get my kicks and i want you 
I got my eyes on you I won’t let you, do you want me too

do you wanna, do wanna little light it up
gonna get you higher
do you wanna, do wanna little light it up
I’ll be your supplier baby 
do you wanna, do wanna little light it up
gonna get you higher
do you wanna, do wanna little light it up
cos i got the best stuff

Repeat chorus 1

I know that boy in time, you will be mine 
its guaranteed, cos I get what I want in the end
I’ll push you’ll bend, just wait and see

Repeat Chorus 2

I wanna know, do you feel it too
yeah i need to know whats cool for you (for you)
I wanna show you all the things I’ll do
and I gotta make you see, 
whats gonna really look on you is me

I want ya
I want your love…..
Track Name: Leap of Faith (Gaia)
are we really moving forward 
are we just stuck on repeat
sometimes seems were going backward
in a cycle of retreat

how much oil now can we burn 
before the wells all start to dry 
til we can’t see the rainbows anymore
for all the planes up in the sky

can we take the step 
will our memories let
us never forget 
how far we’ve come
will we find a way
well we need to take a giant leap of faith 
then our children might see the sun
and their children might see the sun

technology keeps advancing
while our souls keep standing still
its our minds that need expanding
but our pockets trying to fill 

how many guns must we make
and how much land now can we own
we can only eat one mouthful at a time
so why this greed do we condone

Gaia she’s crying

Mother earth she’s in despair
hurting her land like we don’t care
how many oceans must she cry before we see 
a giant leap of faith is what we need